Lynn Barrington has been in the entertainment business for over 3 decades. She began her career in the Nashville, TN working with Sound Stage Studio. She has been Director of Copyright Development for Light/Lexicon, Starsong Records, and consultant off and on for Word Records. Because she was the first woman in management in Contemporary Christian Music Publishing (in Nashville), she inadvertently opened the door for women in that industry.

She then moved to Los Angeles and worked for MCA Records, Universal Television, Universal Productions, and MGM. She also was a literary agent, where she began her writing career co-authoring a Best Selling book, “Daddies and Daughters” (Simon & Schuster).

In the country and Christian music genres she has worked with numerous artists including her favorites Amy Grant, Sandi Patty, Gary Chapman, Michael W. Smith, Steve Green, to Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Highway 101 and most recently pitching songs to Bug Music Group, CMG, Warner Music and Integrity Music.

She was the first to start coaching one on one in the Christian music field as a profession. After moving back to Nashville to pursue other interests in 2004, she decided to rejoin the A&R Staff with Taxi Music Services in LA in 2008. Taxi has 11,000 members who are all songwriters, producers and artists. She has continued to coach songwriters and artists and produce  tours in South Korea.

Now she is working together with producers in South Korea, to expand Christian films there and around the world. Lynn enjoys opening the doors that previously have been closed in the entertainment area. Starting with being the first woman in CCM publishing in management to the present where she is taking American films to a country she has been involved with since 1993. She has produced concerts for Petra, Kenny Marks and Jose Feliciano in South Korea. It’s only natural that the Christian film industry in South Korea be the next door to open through Sokor Media.