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If you want your Christian film or television project to have the best representation possible in South Korea, we need to talk!


We are presently looking for theatrical and non-theatrical public performance rights for Christian films for the South Korean audience. We have an exclusive arrangement with the largest Christian distributor of media in South Korea. If you are the decision maker, of media rights for your Christian or family friendly film, please contact us!


 Sokor Media has the ability to promote your television movie or series in the South Korean Christian market better than anyone else on earth. If you have a Christian or family friendly project that is emotionally touching and inspirational, and you own the television rights for South Korea give us a call.


 Streaming video is the latest and greatest way to market your film or television project and still keep your project from being pirated. Sokor Media has a wonderful platform that would be perfect for your Christian or family friendly project. Give us a call at Sokor Media.

CBS Becomes #1 Independent Christian Distributor with over 180,000 tickets sold on the LatestTheatrical Release in South Korea by Christian Broadcasting System!

Only major studio releases “Passion of the Christ” and “Son of God” have sold more tickets. CBS is #3 Christian film Distributor of all time in South Korea.